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Combichrist is one of singer Andy LaPleguas many music projects that started out in 2003. Their music says to be aggrotech/industrial metal. I have been longing to see this crazy band for a long time and now the wait is finally over. On the 30th och July they will play at Klubben Fryshuset in Stockholm.


Covered gigs:

   2019-07-30 Combichrist (Fryshuset Klubben - Stockholm)

   2019-06-22 Combichrist (Hellfest Open Air 2019)

   2018-08-11 Combichrist (Bloodstock 2018)

   2014-12-12 Combichrist (The Classic Grand - Glasgow)

   2013-12-22 Combichrist (The Classic Grand - Glasgow)

   2012-07-26 Combichrist (Emmabodafestivalen 2012)

   2011-02-22 Combichrist (Melna Piektdiena - Riga)

   2009-05-29 Combichrist (Wave Gotik Treffen 2009)

   2009-04-04 Combichrist (Siddharta - Prato)

   2008-08-10 Combichrist (Mera Luna 2008)

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