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Tribulation are a Swedish death metal band from Arvika that formed in 2005. In early 2009, the band released its debut studio album The Horror. Their second full length studio album The Formulas of Death was released in 2013. In 2015, they released their third full length studio album Children of the Night. Though their debut album sits firmly within the old school death metal genre, their later albums are a radical departure from this sound, drawing significantly on traditional heavy metal, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, as well as the occult and supernatural mythology.

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Covered gigs:

   2018-12-08 Tribulation (Södra Teatern - Stockholm)

   2018-11-30 Tribulation (Nöjesfabriken - Karlstad)

   2018-03-18 Tribulation (Rock River Club - Vilnius)

   2018-02-11 Tribulation (Koko - London)

   2017-06-01 Tribulation (Muskelrock 2017)

   2016-08-14 Tribulation (Vagos Metal Fest 2016)

   2016-06-25 Tribulation (Copenhell 2016)

   2016-06-03 Tribulation (Metallsvenskan 2016)

   2016-03-12 Tribulation (Metaltown 2016)

   2016-02-25 Tribulation (Baltiska Hallen - Malmö)

   2015-10-17 Tribulation (The Fillmore - San Francisco)

   2015-08-28 Tribulation (Beyond The Gates 2015)

   2015-05-30 Tribulation (Muskelrock 2015)

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