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Teddybears are a talented bunch of Swedes, who have musically accomplished a fair bit all over the globe, both as a band and as individuals. Having always strived for something new and over the edge, they were amongst the very first pioneers to have started crossing sounds of hip hop, pop, rock, dancehall and electro together into a whole new style of music. Their ahead-of-their time way of thinking has earned them two U.S. Grammy Nominations and nine Swedish Grammy Awards, out of which six were for Teddybears as a band.

Collectively, having worked with the likes of Cee-Lo, Iggy Pop, Flaming Lips, Robyn, Wiley, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk to name a few, the Swedish trio are respected and appreciated all around the world.

Teddybears, consisting of Jocke Åhlund, Klas Åhlund and Patrik Arve.

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Covered gigs:

   2019-05-18 Teddybears (Park Sounds 2019)

   2016-03-19 Teddybears (Kb - Malmö)

   2014-08-30 Teddybears (Uddevalla Solid Sound 2014)

   2011-07-01 Teddybears (Peace And Love 2011)

   2010-08-27 Teddybears (Malmöfestivalen 2010)

   2010-08-12 Teddybears (Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2010)

   2010-07-31 Teddybears (Storsjöyran 2010)

   2010-07-10 Teddybears (Sundsvalls Gatufest 2010)

   2010-07-02 Teddybears (Roskilde Festival 2010)

   2010-06-11 Teddybears (Gröna Lund - Stockholm)

   2010-05-28 Teddybears (Siesta 2010)

   2010-04-02 Teddybears (Det Stora Kalaset 2010)

   2009-09-03 Teddybears feat Robyn (Berns - Stockholm)

   2008-11-01 Teddybears (Popup 2008)

   2008-08-29 Teddybears STHLM (Popaganda 2008)

   2008-07-12 Teddybears STHLM (Tivolirock 2008)

   2008-06-28 Teddybears STHLM (Peace And Love 2008)

   2006-07-15 Teddybears Sthlm with Thomas Rusiak (Arvikafestivalen 2006)

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