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Historically, music festivals like Woodstock and Glastonbury were created to celebrate idealism (one 'ism that we agree is worth buying into). Lovebox is no different. Add to this idealism the inclusiveness that you find on the best dancefloors and the diversity you find on our capital’s streets and you have the beginnings of a manifesto for a world-class festival in a world-class city.

Ten years old Lovebox has grown up quickly to become the biggest party on East London’s summer calendar and with every year it takes another step forward.

2012 sees Lovebox’s outlook continue to grow broader, and at the same time become more focused with its distinct musical and cultural directions afforded by 10 separate stages across 3 days.

As usual we're encouraging everyone to bunk off early on Friday for a day of unapologetic party music, bone shaking bass, beats, breaks and riffs with London's most heavyweight club crews and radio stations each hosting whole arenas, carnival style, alongside a roster of must see bands on the live stages; and all for a recession busting price of less than £30.

Saturday follows the tried and tested Lovebox model of curating a heady mix of international megastars, pop-cult legends, hipper than thou rockers and underground club collectives. Heart and soul, rock and roll.

Sunday is a freewheeling, groundbreaking, no-holds-barred party, pulling together elements of the fiercest all-night parties, ballrooms, gay discos, supper clubs, cabarets and bingo-halls and mixing it with recycled couture, the hottest emergent artists and, of course, outrageous acts to create a totally unique hedonistic all-dayer which is most definitely Out & Out Fierce…

The glue that binds Lovebox together across all three days is the care and attention with which the acts and artists lovingly presented on dramatic stages against the beautiful backdrop of London’s oldest public park on a site whose facilities we endeavour to improve upon year on year. Add to that giant art installations and theatrical film-sets sourced from Glastonbury and Burning man plus random acts of absurdity, general silliness and barely controlled chaos under the trees and you start to get the picture.

After a whole decade of love we’re still sticking true to our roots in the clubs, studios, galleries and public spaces of the continually evolving East End and making Lovebox 2012 feel more ‘Lovebox’ than ever.

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Felix Johnny Felix Johnny Written 2017-05-07 13:10:27
Victoria Victoria Written 2016-02-04 04:20:07
LCD Soundsystem and Major Lazer to headline Lovebox 2016
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Simona Dalla Valle Simona Dalla Valle Written 2014-05-14 13:39:41
Lovebox is joined by a band of partners and party-crafters in Victoria Park this summer.

You may have heard of Secret Productions – ironic, given their moniker. The problem is, they’re not so secret any more. A roster of terrifyingly creative and successful parties and events have put paid to that. So we’re delighted to welcome them to the Lovebox fold.

Starting life as a bunch of friends, Secret grew by gathering the talented, hard-working folk they have met on their way. This means they have been able to carry on creating the kind of immersive environments that encourage people to join in, firmly believing that unless you inspire people to become part of the party, it just won’t work.

This band of music heads, arts addicts, literary enthusiasts, theatre buffs, production planners and downright party animals have changed the festival landscape. It used to be that when you bought a festival ticket you expected warm beer, a few big bands and a burger van. Nowadays you’re more likely to find yourself eating organic food beside a 20ft art installation before uni-cycling to a fire show.

This year, the only festivals they will be turning their hands to are Lovebox and Wilderness festival.

So lovers of Secret stuff, you’d better not miss out.