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  Burning Light Fest

As music, and particularly heavy music lovers, we were always somewhat sad by realizing that throughout the years Lisbon was never that “metal friendly” of a city. Sure we got some concerts here and there, scattered through the city, but there was never something organized consistently enough, a place to call home.
Goodlife HQ was aware that there was great demand of a place in Lisbon that promoted the best that underground metal has to offer so we are proud to present the Burning Light Festival. BL Fest will be held in beginning of February, at RCA Club in Lisbon.

Sludge, doom, hardcore and psych are some of the main ingredients of an adventure we know will be absolutely unique. There will be art exhibits and merch stands and Goodlife HQ will make all the necessary efforts to make sure you’ll have an experience you won’t forget.

“May the Light shine bright”

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Burning Light Fest | FESTIVALPHOTO