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  Carpathian Alliance

The idea of organizing and holding a powerful extreme music festival on the hills of the Carpathian Mountains was born pretty long ago, but only in 2011 we had a series of events and talks for its implementation. For the moment our festival embraces FOLK/PAGAN/VIKING/BLACK METAL music styles and styles which are similar to these, it's held not in a forest or a valley, but exactly on one of the most amazing mountains of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains called “High Top”, on the height of more than 1000m above the sea level, among a primeval forest, mist and heavy clouds.

CARPATHIAN ALLIANCE METAL FESTIVAL is an international festival that is situated on the territory of “Zakhar Berkut” tourist centre in Volosyanka village, 6 km from Slavske village (a very well-known Ukrainian mountain ski resort), where there is the longest in the Carpathians chair-lift - 2800 meters long, numerous comfortable hotels and manors for every taste and budget. Using this chair-lift visitors will get up straight to the top of “High Top” mountain, where a big number of interesting and high-powered European heavy scene bands and guests from other countries from all over the world will make great shows.

You will be able to fully enjoy the crystal clear mountain air and the water sources, away from the bustle of cities and everyday life, to plunge into the world of music and mountains, where reigns the Eternity itself...

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    Carpathian Alliance 2014

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Festival News Festival News Written 2014-06-02 05:42:33
Company Global Promotion would like to thank the fraternal people of Poland and Lithuania for their support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people at the national level, they were the first who supported ukrainians in their aspiration of the European integration and the overthrow of the dictatorship and also who were the first to take victims from the security forces actions to the treatment in their countries.

In gratitude company GP invites citizens of Lithuania and Poland to attend the festival CAMF 2014 without buying tickets! People who will provide citizenship documents of Poland and Lithuania on the entrance will attend CAMF 2014 WITHOUT CHARGE, those who already bought tickets - will get a festival t-schirt FOR FREE! Camping is free of charge for you the same as for all other visitors. If you decide to go, we will be grateful if you write an email to and point the number of people that will come with you. This is not a mandatory procedure, but you will help us in planning the infrastructure of the festival.
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