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 Photographers and writers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jarmo Hänninen


In the camera bag:

Canon EOS 6D
Canon Digital IXUS 105

Canon 50mm F/1.8 EF-S II
Canon EF 70-200mm F/4L USM
Tokina 35-70mm f/4

Speedlite 270EX flash, tripod, monopod and a VEST

Festivals, club gigs and nature - main interests in photography.

Shot bands like L.A.Guns, PMMP, Lauri Tähkä, Medeia, Chisu, Children of Bodom, Palava, Viikate, Mokoma, Sara, etc.

Always trying to be different, trying to seek a new angle so one can stand out from the masses!

Photos taken by Jarmo Hänninen:

2022-07-29 - 2022-07-30 QStock
2013-06-14 - 2013-06-16 Provinssirock
2012-10-20 W.A.S.P. (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-10-19 Billy Talent (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-10-18 Dragonforce (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-10-18 Huntress (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-10-18 Kissin' Dynamite (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-10-05 Sonata Arctica (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-09-28 Carnalation (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-09-28 Ghoul Patrol (Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki)
2012-07-27 - 2012-07-28 Vauhtiajot
2012-07-12 - 2012-07-15 Tangomarkkinat