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About Bonedog

New Swedish rocktrio with heavy blues influences who carry on the legacy of Zeppelin, Whitesnake, early ZZ-Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn all blended together in a perfect mix. They bring the blues to the 21th century in their own way. The sound is simple but modern in the same way. The guys themselves says: -We like to play rock, sometimes hard, but we always keep the blues in our songs. Live the band leaves no one disappointed. They are tight and full of energy and frontman Micke Ladréhn delivers guitar and vocal that reach to the bone marrow.

Blame the Cat is their debutalbum. The CD is a must have for anyone who likes bluesrock!
Available at itunes, Tradebit, Jamster, Emusic, Amazon etc.

Written by Bonedog:

2011-03-24 Bonedog "Blame the Cat" Debutalbum released! (Eng)