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 Peninsula 2011 Turns Green | FESTIVALPHOTO



Peninsula 2011 Turns Green


2011-06-15 00:56 -

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2011-06-15 00:55 -

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2011-06-15 00:55 - Peninsula 2011 turns green

After all the rumors that have been roaming around, whether the location of Peninsula will remain the same or it will be moved to another city, and even after we all started to have serious doubts whether we will even see Peninsula this year, well... we will definettly have Peninsula this year, and even in the same location.

One change, bedides the date of the festival, is the color. After a long partnership with Coca-Cola, it seems that Tuborg became the main pronsor of the Festival, and so the festival gave up its original colors and turned green. We seriously hope that this is going to be the only change in the nature of the festival, its colors. After being accustomed to some of the noisiest and violent rock bands of all times, with names such as The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Europe, Korn, Subscribe we say that it is not the case, nor the time to turn to more mellow sounds, and be green about it.

The line-up that has been announced so far seems to be rather on the mellow side, but we surelly hope that this is just the beginning, and that we are going to see somebig and rough names on the line-up. So far we have the following line-up:
aug. 26: Kasabian

aug. 27: Nick Warren

aug. 28: Within Temptation * Tiga * Borgore

One good thing about the festival, so far, is the fact that the tickets will be sold at the last years price. So for a one day ticket people will pay 80 lei (20 euros) and for the entire period of the festival 199 lei (50 euros)

Untill we have further news from the organisers of the festival, stay tunned and enjoy the other festivals and concerts that are visiting Romania and Bucharest this summer. A good way to prepare for Peninsula, is to visit the BestFest Camp 2011.

Vlad Piriu

The BEATFucker - The Party Rocker

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  Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu