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Metal News


2013-01-26 14:04 - Best of 2012, what I hope you will remember from a productive year in music

Here we go again, time to sum up yeat another interesting year. This year brought me more music than ever in the last ten year. This is no easy task, but here are the results of the one-man jury;

1/ The only album to be numbered, and the one that wom with a majestic swoosh.
Candlemass: Psalms for the Dead. (Napalm Records)
They returned one last time, or so they say. They created, or re-created the magick of old, in the final appearance of (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) vocalist Robert Lowe.

Runners up in alphabetical order;

Civilization One: Calling the Gods. (Limb Music)
This is not for the traditional or faint of heart. But you get Sri Lanka´s number one metal band in daring power metal form, and vocalist Chity Somapala excells.

Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods. (Napalm Records)
My Record dealing friend at Zaragon Records and I may not always agree on what´s hot and what´s not. But Chris Boltendahl took his men out of Scotland and into Greece creating a full blast of German heavy metal.

Great White: Elation. (Frontiers)
No Jack Russel at the helm, but believe me Terry Ilious feels like he has grown into the role big time. Not since their break-through years have I been this excited.

Kamelot: Silverthorn (SPV)
Many worried sick about the band replacing Roy Khan with Tommy Karevik of SEVENTH WONDER. I did not, having been a fan of the latter band since the outstanding "Mercy Falls". This was what their critics feared and the fans were hoping for.

Love.Might.Kill: 2 Big 2 Fail (Massacre)
Michael Ehré is a drummer meaning that his ex.many mighy and still part of GAMMA RAY may not shine as bright as a guitarist in the limelight. But here is the shockingly good second effort from the German metlodic metal merchans, which you will not be able to be without once you listen.

Lover Under Cover: Set the Night on Fire (Escape)
What list would be complete without a Scandinavian melodic outfit? Classic sounds from Mikael Carlsson, Mikael Erlandsson, Martin Kronlund and even ex TEN keyboard man Ged Rylands. This is masterful with typical Swedish gentle touch and awesome melodies.

Obsession: Order of Chaos (Inner Wound Recordings)
People may have opinions about Mike Vescera´s past in bands like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and LOUDNESS, but I disagree mostly. And thsi re-installment of OBSESSION, Mike´s pre mega fame band is a slice of great metal with a fab singer. I rest my case.

Soleil Moon: On the Way to Everyting (Frontiers)
With musicians like Larry King and John Blasucci I expected nothing less than this. West Coast AOR with gentle touch and supreme musicianship is on offer here. Any failures would have resulted in a slating. There was no risk.

Speaking to Stones: Elements (Lion Music)
This lot may well change from album to album. But the inclusion of vocalist Andy Engberg (SECTION A) and drummer extraoordinaire Mark Zonder of FATES WARNING makes project mastermind Tony Vinci recruiter of the year.

The Grotesquery: The Facts and Terrifying Testment of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales (Cyclone Empire)
Apart from winning the longest album title of the year by about 10 inches, the pairing of Rogga Johansson, guitars, and ex.MASSACRE vocalist Kam Lee are in top of this years H.P. Lovecraft adaptation league too. Expect no less next time these old school death ghouls return.

The Order: 1986 (Massacre)
The album cover of yesteryear goes to THE ORDER. The girls weren´t so easy even back then, but this album would have made headlines in that year too. Modern themes in the lyrics perhaps,but everything else keeps an 80´s fanatic like me in ecstacy. In GURD some of them did a fantastic interpretation of DIO´s "Holy Diver". Where will this end?

Tygers of Pan Tang: Ambush (Rocksector)
Yes your eyes aren´t eceiving you. Robb Weir & croonies returned with a vengeance in 2012. The band´s frontman Jacopo may be Italian, but the music sure is English and of finest NWOBHM pedigree. Everything seemed impeccable. I only hope all´s well, as I heard that guitarist Deano left recently.

Check these albums out, your ears will reward you!

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2012-01-27 15:27 - Power Dive!

Power Dive!

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2012-01-27 15:27 - Get the new VOICES OF DESTINY album "Power Dive" for only Eur 5!

Massacre Record´s in a generous mood!

Today's the day! Voices of Destiny's new album's out now!

Get your digital copy of "Power Dive" on for just 5 EURO here:

Don't wait too long, it will only available for this super special price until Sunday!

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2011-12-25 07:17 - What Santa should have filled your stockings with...

Hi all, Santa´s been around yet?

I bet you ghot all sorts of fillers... But these are the the discs you really want and can´t do without...

Crossfade: Secret Love
(ELM/Sound Pollution)
Imagine Göran Edman singing the album you have been missing...or TOTO and CHICAGO have been missing. Main men Lars Hallbäck, guitars, and Richard Stenström, keyboards, must be Sweden´s best kept Secret!

Hard Rock;
Mr Big: What if...
Back like they never split or changed... MR BIG impresses greatly, all the routin and the will do return...youthful almost in spiute of their collective age.

Whitesnake: Forvermore
Imagine WHITESNAKE being fronted by somebody else than David Coverdale? Well you might re-think your notions a bit at least because the voice of Cov is not quite the same, neither is the band made up of the same old household names. But the outcome is mastery adapted to the new set of rules. Just don´t expect "Still of the Night"...

Human Zoo: Eyes of the Stranger
(Fastball/Sound Pollution)
Imagine Whitesnake and Gotthard joining forces, adding a bit of saxophone?! Still the unashamed 80´s worship is there, and the great sense of melody... This album grows and grows...

Shy: S/T
(Escape/Sound Pollution)
Alas, how sad. When SHY got everything is place band leader/guitarist Steve Harris suucumbs to cancer. Even more pomp, some other surprises, Lee Small on vocals...every good song they´ve ever made is like revamped and hotted up. Sooo good, yet so little chance of a follow up. R.I.P Steve!

Chris Ousey: Rhyme & Reason
(Escape/Sound Pollution)
Chris who many may say, the main man being a somewhat hidden gem. But Mike Slamer, Tommy Denander, Neil Murray and Gregg Bisonette are the band and Chris has a swell voice! Don´t expect this sock filler to contain any fillers...not a dead moment...

Power Metal
Power Quest
(Napalm/Sound Pollution)
A band srung off Dragonforce but at a sensible pace? Sounds interesting. Well this is it. Alas the line up that did this was fronted by Chitty Somapala, who´s already out. But the fact reamains that there are so much melody here, in power metal or straight hard rock pace. A hard album to beat!

Instrumental Metal
Glenn Dover: Metalusion
(Magna Carta/Border)
Glenn mixes metal with Jazz, Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola and Jean-Luc Ponty. Others involved are Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth), Steve Smyth (Forbidden) and Jeff Loomis of Nevermore. The variety of tracks, the well-chosen covers and the musical abilities gathered speaks for itself!

Krux III: He who Sleeps Amongst the Stars
(GMR Music)
What a line up, imagine Leif Edling left out of Candlemass, aiming high with Lleif Edling at the mike and Fredrik Åkesson providing guitars. The rest of the band is blue blooded death men Jörgen Sandström and Peter Stjärnvind, plus keyboardist Carl Westholm. No carbon copy, no set rules, still amazing doom enters. Doom has a new star, and the established names better hold on...this rules!

Nightrage: Insidious
(Lifeforce/Sound Pollution)
Marios Iliopulos still at the helm, augmented by vocalist Antony Hämäläinen and guitar wiz Olof Mörck a.o. This si melodic and bruutal at the same time, no trends and no concerns otherwise. They do what they fel like leaving everything else to be sorted later. Admirable. Brutal. Melodic. Majestic!

Megadeth: Th1rt3en
Reds is back, in spite ot trying to off himself so many times after leaving Metallica. Ellefson is back, and the rest seems unimportant. Metallica aiming fo every flop prize in the metal world sees Megadeth going for gold. So much of the old sound, the gritty vocals, the melody, the political edge. No mistakes here no...

Demonical: Death Infernal
Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution
dalarna´s finest did what they always do, dominate. The line up has changed, so I guess the next album has something to prove. Otherwise they stick to their guns, showing that old school is the right school. The same lyrics, with some Vikings thrown in for a gentle Unleashed change, and the same old thundering Martin Schulman bass. Occasionally repetitive refrains makes for the live scene, and they sure are out there vanguarding their way to the top. Nuff said!

Santa got you different albums?
Make sure you return them for these 12!

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2011-10-14 14:04 - Bitches Sin on the march

Bitches Sin on the march

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2011-10-14 14:04 - Keep an eye out for the new BITCHES SIN album "The Rapture"

Good old NWOBHM band BITCHES SIN will have a new album out this very month! Look out for a review next week. For more information visit or

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2011-09-17 11:44 - Unique Live webcast curtesy of Magna Carta Records

On September 25 you have the opportunity to catch two world class guitarists, David Martone and Glen Drover (ex. MEGADETH) live from Metalworks. DON`T miss out, it´s even free of charge at

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2011-09-17 11:42 - David Martone, the next BIG guitar hero

David Martone, the next BIG guitar hero

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2011-09-17 11:15 - Funeral


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2011-09-17 11:14 - GRAU Music announces signing Norwegian cult doom-sters FUNERAL

GRAU Music proudly announces the signing of a new band: the cult-doom-act FUNERAL from Norway!!!

Anders Eek, founder and drummer of FUNERAL, states:

“Funeral is pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with the German label Grau Records, a record label that releases quite a lot Doom Metal and also several other gloomy tunes! Having inked the deal gives Funeral the chance to yet deliver our branch of Funeral-doom to our fans, and it is without a doubt a label that supports Doom Metal of highest quality. So with pleasure we can announce that our new album entitled "Oratorium" is being released this autumn!The album is scheduled in various formats with several bonus stuff.”

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2011-09-10 02:09 -

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2011-09-10 02:08 - Metal Webcast history in the making! Magna Carta proudly presents...


On Sunday September 25, 2011 at 3PM EDT* Magna Carta Recording artists Dave Martone and Glen Drover will take part in an historic performance that will be webcast worldwide as part of the “Live At Metalworks” series from Mississauga, Canada. The webcast can be seen at:

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2011-09-10 02:03 -

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2011-09-10 01:56 - Mourning Caress New song featuring Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquility posted online

We´re happy and honoured to present you another, very special song, from our upcoming new album. 'Wastelands Within' features guest vocals by no less than Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity / MOURNING CARESS definitely wouldn´t exist without a band such as Dark Tranquillity, hence we are damn proud about the collaboration with one of the coolest and most likeable metal musicians around. Tack så mycket, Mikael!!!

'Wastelands Within' is taken from the new album entitled 'Deep Wounds, Bright Scars', due November 4th 2011 via German label MDD Records. Our third album was recorded and mixed at the DocMaKlang studios / in Osnabrück, Germany with producer Matthias Lohmöller. Mastering took place at DMS in Marl, Germany by Ulf Horbelt. The stunning cover art was done by Björn Goosses, Killustrations /

And now, enjoy 'Wastelands Within':

Up The Caress!

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2011-08-19 10:49 - Massacre comment on the Saviour Machine situation

Official statement regarding Saviour Machine - Legend III.2

The band Saviour Machine was signed to Massacre Records for many years
and released several albums. Our contractual partner within all the years was MCM Music, the management and representators of the band. All Saviour Machine releases (except the “Demo”) are property of the Matthias and Rainer Mittelstädt GbR (aka MCM Music) and licensed exclusively to Massacre Records. This all worked well until the last output "Legend III.2".

Massacre Records paid to MCM Music a high amount to finish this production as it was done for all previous albums. MCM Music paid Eric (Clayton) Huckaby for this last optional album Massacre Records was owed.

For reasons that he only knows himself Eric (Clayton) Huckaby (Saviour Machine)did not complete this album, took the money and ran and left MCM Music with huge debts towards Massacre Records. According to MCM Music he owes them even bigger amounts which he also never refunded. On Saviour Machine's homepage you could read for years that Mr. Clayton will neither deliver another album to MCM and/or Massacre nor pay the advances back. What shall a record company do, who pays a band huge amounts of money and the band takes it, runs away and proclaims officially not to deliver anything nor will pay back the monies received? This is nothing else than a rip-off and we are very sad about such behaviour.

It is not our problem or responsibility wether Eric (Clayton) Huckaby is happy with the release. He was informed several times that we want our money back or deliver the finished production. No response. The way he acted in the last years doesn’t make him a trustworthy partner.

For almost ten years Massacre Records is waiting to get something for their payment.
Within the last year MCM Music finished the recordings they had and finally delivered them to Massacre Records to fulfill their obligations and recoup at least some of the huge debts.

Massacre Records have released what they have been delivered from their contractual partner and close the chapter Saviour Machine with this.
The label will not do any further statement about the matter at this stage.

Tuesday, august 16, 2011
Torsten Hartmann
Massacre Records GmbH

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2011-07-16 06:15 - Nya låtar från ZOMBIE INC. och CRIMINAL finns på...

Fansen kan lyssna på nya låtar med ZOMBIE INC. och CRIMINAL på

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2011-07-02 05:43 - Ny video från Stonelake, "Red Canyon"

Här kommer ett litet smakprov från STONELAKES nya platta som släpps i dagarna.

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  Writer: Mikael Johansson