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Avatar In The Studio


2009-11-07 14:53 - Day off...

Since we are not playing today's glamfestival we took the grand opportunity to party hard last night.
woke up around 17 with a nice painted mustache in my face, off course I walked straight into the venue without thinking of it....

Last night in Roncade was great, Italy never lets you down!!
Hardcore did a great show aswell with four of us doing some backup shouting in "we don't celebrate sundays".

The girls here in bologna looks like girls...and so does the boys.
to much glam for me, i feel like putting on a slayer shirt and throwing a fight.

If any one of you has some pictures please send them to and we'll upload them here!!


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2009-11-06 19:33 - hey hey fucking hey!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys are having your fair share of fun 'cause I'm having beyond my share of it right now! We are in Roncade (fniss) at the moment and we have some amazing shows under our belt right now. Italy WE FUCKING LOVE YOU! I hope France and Spain will be as great as this...

Tomorrow HCSS will play at a sissy glam show so they won't allow us to burn down their stage. This means less shows, sadly, but more time to drink.'

OK, less blogging... more drinking. Talk soon! / Johannes

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2009-11-04 10:37 - Slightly delayed first update in Rome

Ok, time for the first blog update..

We had a meeting a week before the tour where we among many other stuff decided that we must be better on keeping ourselves updated on the Internet. And now, two weeks too late I came to know that, damn we have a blog!! So here I'll try my best with my not too good skills on the English language.

This must be one of the best tours we've made so far, playing main support for Hardcore Superstar across Europe. Our new sound does fit Hardcore Superstar very well, even if we are still quite much more heavier than the HCSS guys. To make a quick sum of the tour so far;

Germany: Great audiences, great beer, great parties. The bus broke down a couple of times but we didn't have to cancel a single show - even if we came to the venue in Berlin 1 hour before show start.. Let's say I had quite a good sleep that night. Otherwise it's not much to say about the shows except they were all great. Some parties which I don't remember too much from at this date, which should be a good sign =)

One memorable venue was the Underground in Cologne - which was an old subway station that was rebuilt into a venue. Really cool venue!!

After the German dates we went off to Austria where we first played in Salzburg. After the Salzburg show we had a great party on the bus, to wake up hangover as hell on the venue in Vienna - the ottakringer Brewery. And yes, it was a brewery.. Everyone was hangover and we came to the most beer stinking place I've ever been on = one of the worst hangovers so far =) The show was great though!

After this we went to A38 in Budapest - one of my favourite cities in Europe excpet Prague. This was the second time we played the A38 which is also a real cool venue - located on a big boat in central Budapest. After this show we had a great party. Me and Simon hooked up with two beautiful ladies for a sightseeing of the city and some party before we had to get back to the bus to start the travel across Europe to get to Rome.

And here we are at this date.. Right now I'm sitting on the down floor of the bus, in the middle of a big traffic jam to get into Rome. This is the second travel day and in a hour hopefully we will reach Rome to go out and see the town and maybe have some beer and wine. Tomorrow is a day off and we will see all the tourist stuff like the colloseum and more and then back to work =) Damn I like tour life!!!

Over and out, and we promise to keep this updated better. Videos are soon to be published on YouTube!


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2009-07-20 14:44 - Close to the finish line...

Hey hey. Johannes speaking. We apologize for the lack of communication the last few weeks. It's because of that I'm pretty much responsible for the news updates and the AvatarTV and I've been singing and screaming pretty much 24/7. I'm thrilled to report that there are just three and a half song to go for me. I have the uttermost pleasure to finally work with good ol' friend Basse on this one. Great coach, engineer and inspiration. We've been laughing our way through some kick ass takes and we hope to be done by the weekend so that I can get hammered again.

It's too early to promote this album for real, but I can't help myself! Let me put it like this: Doing Schlacht was one of the proudest moments of my life and I will always love to perform the tunes for you guys, but this new one is from another world! It feels as if we've reached our Cowboys from hell. We have totally redefined what we are about and we can't wait to show you the final result. We have mory heavy, groovy, catchy, challenging and beautiful parts than ever before! We have lived with this album 24/7 for months and months now and I love it more with every day.

After the vocals we'll do the final George Martin touches and then it's off to the mix, master and release followed by vacation in Suomi and Denmark. After the brief break, we'll start invading venues near you. Beware Earth... Beware.

All the love / Brillorm

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2009-06-16 05:43 - Hey! We have a blog!

First time I've ever seen this thing, neat!

We've entered week number two on this journey and things are rolling along nicely. John is in the room behind me, halfway through the album cursing the day (Metal-) God invented double bass drum rythms. He does sound awesome 'though, as always.

I am sitting with some e-mails and stuff like that before I'll go hiding with a guitar to practise my singing. Practise makes perfect kids!

As you may have noticed AvatarTV episode 7 is online and we'll upload a new episode every monday as long as we're in the studio. Hopefully we'll be able to make them with as little studio blah blah blah as possible and lots of Jonas goofing around.

Now turn off your computer and go out and play! It's a nice day outside. / Johannes

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2009-06-10 14:24 - .. And then there was recording

Hey hey everyone! We did just end the third day of the album recording and I will give you all a short update. The first two days we have used only for soundchecking the drums. My drum technician Jakob Herrmann, recording engineer Sebastian "Basse" Olsson and mixing engineer Tobias Lindell nerded out on various microphones, drum heads, microphone positions, tunings etc, etc, etc.. The drums sounds awesome, but the soundchecking was boring. I just want to play..

And play is what I've been doing today! One and a half song is recorded (Rytmmelodi and 26an - the real names are secret for some more time).. If I can keep up with this tempo I will be very satisfied! We are working really hard with every take to make it perfect, which is the reason why we took almost 100 takes on the first song. I really don't want to program the drums or any parts and I hate drummers who do cut their tracks to pieces.. maybe it would be easier but it would never flow in the same way as when they are played from the beginning to the end! The only negative side of my strategy is perhaps the time and patience it takes.. I'm lucky we have a coffee machine!

Ok thats it for now! We are filming some which we will try to put on youtube next week! Cheers/ John

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2009-05-29 05:54 - one more week..

Damn it! We have moved the recording start one week, and will start at June 8th instead of June 1st. This is simply because we still want to change a few more things in some songs and need more time for this, as well as we need more time for rehearsing. From today we will start rehearsing in the studio with some live recording.. We will also start to make some videos for AvatarTV early next week to be put out on Youtube..


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2009-05-20 09:03 - Making the best album better

It's only possible to make it better from here.. some days ago we were finished with the song writing. Damn I'm never goin to say that again.. a true artist is never, ever finished with anything!! rnrnAfter a couple of listenings we've found out a couple of things we want to change so here we are, back again working all day long, all night long! Rehearsing has started as well, 6 hours every single day.. rehearse until it hurts really bad in our throats, wrists, fingers, ears... rnrnThe definite day for the studio start is set to June 1st.. From there we will start to keep you updated on AvatarTV on Youtube! rnrnGood news: Goredon is back! You know the seagull on the roof.. rnrnCheers/rnJohn

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2009-05-14 15:41 - tonartshöjning

Just wanted to inform you that we have finished the entire song writing process today! What the hell am I going to do all time now?! First answer all unread e-mail and then start building a moon rocket or something..

hmm.. I think I'm better start practicing, I can build my rocket when I'm retired.

We do now have a total of 13 songs written, polished, perfected, demo-recorded.. Two of the songs are using the same verse so one of them has to go away, which makes it 12.. and then 1 or 2 will probably fall out after recording, which often happens of several reasons; It might be hard to find a good spot for it on the album or some part of it turns out to not be as good as it was intended to be. But since we have written the best album in the world, I don't think this might be a risk.

Just for fun and for filling up some space in the blog, here's the list of the working titles;
Massaker på liseberg
Ska bli bra / Zigge / Skull Bleed
Rotten Forgotten / Rutten i Prutten

Some of them more, some less inspiring but the most inspiring working title of all MUST BE:
"Johannes 17 februari"

And some tunes that will (probably) not appear on this album; Next, HivesMotörhead, Micker Wan, Om jag var norrman, 10yees, hård, grindlåten, snabbröj, snabbhit, snabb triollåt, fjättrat kött, 29an, phoenix, echoes.. Some of these are really good but will need some more time and will probably come up later.

Och dagens backslang;
ni som vet hur det funkar kan skratta lite åt den. låååååågt

Over and out, john

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2009-05-08 04:27 - almost done...

The last week we've spent in a cabin outside of Mariestad, in the middle of the wood to finish the last details on the album and so we did..

Now it's just some vocal job to be performed by Johannes who suffered from a cold the last days and on Sunday we will hand over the final pre production of the album to our producer, Markus Tagaris.. Hopefully he will not have too much to say this time =)

We have also started with some rehearsing and from Monday next week we will start rehearsing every day. The plan is to start the recording of the album in the end of may.. guess we have to practice and play some before this =)


/John + avatar

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2009-04-29 15:55 - studio update

we are still going strong.. we have started some basic rehearsing for the new songs and had some meetings with our producers the last days for consulting us with the material. We are soon finished with the songwriting but some hours ago we decided to throw one song away which we have worked with for a long time without any greater success so now we will have to write a couple of new tunes to fill this place up..

It really sucks when you come to the conclusion that a song you have worked with really hard for long time does not match the other songs quality, but after all it's just vital to kill your darlings sometimes!

So that's what we have to say.. it's sunny in Gothenburg.. as if we did care..


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2009-04-22 16:59 - ... and hard work pays off...

just need to tell you all a thing... MY FUCKING GOD this album rocks..

late night.. after a "couple" of hours spent on perfecting the songs we now have 8 all-ready tunes for our producer, mr. Tagaris, to turn inside out! he will love them.. I do love them... everyone will love them...

fucking Death'n'Roll!!! /John

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2009-04-21 03:41 - 21st working hour in a row

And we are doing it again.. every sacrifice for the perfect album..

Now we are doing our 21st hour in a row at 8AM.. And we are planning to stay for at least 14 more without sleep.. And things are happening! Right now Jonas is working on some details on a instrumental tune.. and some other tunes have been dissicated earlier this morning / night which did result in some very interesting and cool stuff. There are still loads more to do and we will keep you updated, perhaps with some photos from the studio as well! Gotta get back to work, cheers/

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2009-04-16 03:24 - 40 hour songwriting

Ok, this is the first blog entry for real.

To make a VERY long story short - we are currently working on our third album. From the first day we decided that this album will be the best possible metal album ever released and since then we've been working. People are starting to wonder if we are lazy or if we have quitted the band.. FUCK NO! The only reason with this blog is to show you all that we are VERY alive, and the ONLY reason we haven't been writing blogs before is that we have been so freakin busy with the song writing.

We have been working with this album for 1,5 years.. Writing about 50 comlete songs, 2-300 song skeletons and thousands of ideas. We've been in the studio since the first of January to complete and work under harder pressure.. So if you think we have fuckin' quitted the band I hope this brings you to other thoughts.

OK THEN!!!! The blog starts from here, 1,5 year later.. And I will start with describing the last hours.. This Tuesday I (John), Jonas and Johannes were in the studio at 10am.. we worked, worked, worked and worked.. for nearly 35 hours without any sleep.. we left the studio at midnight yesterday and now we are back at 10am..

We did a couple of new tunes and worked with details on some older which have already been decided to be a part of the album. We have decided 7 or 8 songs that WILL be on the album, what we are doing now is to try EVERY possible idea on these songs to make sure that no idea is better than the ones we already have..

You can expect kind of a different album from us. pure fucking Death'N'Roll.. if anyone in the future claims we do sound like in flames clones on this album, tell me and i will get the number to some good ear doctor. ok we are still from gothenburg and playing distorted guitars.. so no worries!

Ok no more time now have to keep on working with the song "26" (working title).. Jonas is next to me working with his new song "mockretal". Don't ask us where the titles come from..

cheers to you/

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2009-04-07 06:02 - The first post

Ok here goes the first blog post to try this out a little.. if everything works as it should we will come out with loads of new updates and stuff here soon on the progress of our new album, due to be released in September 09..


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