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Jean Lous trio in Vilnius | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jean Lous trio in Vilnius

So, Tuesday, the 20th of April. Yeah the same day, when in Vilnius takes place first Metallica show. But I rather go different way - to club "Mulen Ružas", where I'm going to see french guys trio - Jean Louis.

Indeed, I change Metallica to Jean Louis. That it was good pick, I understood already in the begining of the show.
Show starts later than expected, though it was nobody fault. Well, fault of weather conditions, or shorter - volcano. Guys were leaving from Helinski in the morning and taking small bus from Estonia to make more than 600 km way to Vilnius during one day. Tired trio arrived just half an hour before the show. Checking, checking, sigh, playing.

That was extremly expressive and energetic. The concert lasted for a little bit more than hour but I didn't realize, how fast time goes - I've just started enjoying and it ends already! So three french guys on the stage, energy down to audience.

Jean Louis trio consists:
Aymeric Avice - trumpet, slide trumpet, seashells
Joachim Florent - double bass
Francesco Pastacaldi - drums

And while seeing those guys with their instruments, from time to time it's possible to hear guitars... No, they don't play those. Everything is made only by those already named instruments. Music starts from some post rock similar sounds to heavier

version, something you can even call jazzcore. And yes, it is still some kind of jazz. And sometimes I start thinking, that

if only Joachim would have long hair, I woud start thinking, that it's new version of finnish Apocalyptica.

So, time goes fast, two encores, amazed audience, autographs and curly head shouting to me, when I start going home "Ciao!.."

Well, this trio is something that you simply can't expect. I guess, that's the point.

The concert was one of the ARTscape project parts (continuous project from the 2009).

Writer: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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