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  Quebec City Summer Festival

The annual Quebec Summer Festival is a world music festival beloved by the Quebecois and those in the know. Visitors and locals alike come to hear music from Europe, Africa, Canada and the US, and to discover groups that are known in their country of origin but whose reputations haven’t quite extended to North America or are not quite above ground. In 2008, the French group, Bratsch, a five man virtuoso group celebrating their 25th anniversary, wowed audiences with their repertoire including classic gypsy, Greek, Armenian and Yiddish, punctuated with le jazz hot and spiced with blues riffs. Another world away, it seemed, Frank Zappa’s music was interpreted by his nimble-fingered son, Dweezil. Angelique Kidjo, 20008 Grammy award winner for the best world music album, prompted one critic to write during an summer rain storm that she could bring out the sun. Started 41 years ago, the Festival D’Ete calls itself the largest outdoor festival in Canada. Outdoor is the operative word: The festival wraps itself around the city and the settings range from the enormous to the intimate. The atmospheric backdrop is the vertical walled city, the only one in North America, with history at every turn.

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Quebec City Summer Festival | FESTIVALPHOTO