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  Summadayze (Adelaide)

Is an annual Australian music festival held in the month of January. Summadayze started in Melbourne in 1998/99 and has parties in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth and Auckland (New Zealand). This takes place at Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl every New Year's Day.

Following on from the new summa vibes of 2011 we are proud to unleash this years new campaign of colour to celebrate Australia's most iconic music festival Summadayze.

Proudly brought to you by Future Entertainment Australia's legendary Summadayze festival is back in 2012 with an even fresher season of sound, colour and sun.

Black. White. Grey. It's all a bit blah, really. Where's the fun? Where's the excitement? Where's all the colour gone? Well, Future Entertainment is bringing it back in all of its vivid glory. We've found a place where colour thrives, every day and every night. Somewhere you can splash bright green over there, some yellow up there, and sky blue or crazy hot pink everywhere. At any time, anywhere, you can paint the town red, purple, orange or whatever you like. It's your world, your party, your day ... so lift the lid and make a splash! Welcome to Colourfornia: where sound, light and colour collide to make summer come alive ...

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    Summadayze (Adelaide) 2010

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