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  Eurockeennes De Belfort

A musical experience- great musical party over three days & three nights, during the first weekend of July. The Eurockeennes de Belfort is an independent festival from the East of France. Produced by an non-profit association (Territoire de Musiques). Tthe festival grows on a peninsula (the Malsaucy place), an authentic preserved green setting, surrounding by two lakes. The festival is lead by moral values, from sharing and solidarity. Each edition, the new project, Eurockeennes Solidaires, promote a cultural access for everyone.

These festivals have been lived as a musical holiday camp during three days and nights, offers to the people, all the kind of music, from reggae to pop, rock, hip-hop or world music, all the musical families have their place.

Covered festivals:

    Eurockeennes De Belfort 2008

    Eurockeennes De Belfort 2009

    Eurockeennes De Belfort 2010

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Eurockeennes De Belfort | FESTIVALPHOTO