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  Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze started in 1997 as a small festival with unknown bands. It has now grown to be one of the biggest and best metal festivals in Eurpoe. Since 2006 the festival is located on the airfield between Sinnbronn and Illenschwang near Dinkelsbühl in Germany. The festival offers metal on four stages during three days and bands who played there are for example Children Of Bodom, Watain, Korpiklaani, Behemoth, Immortal och Obituary... Some heavy stuff! The festival draws around 40,000 attendees annually. This festival is definitely worth a visit

Summer Breeze

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Marta Marta Written 2022-05-31 13:36:12
Ignite confirmed

Festival info:

Good atmosphere and party vibes are guaranteed at our next confirmation: IGNITE are coming to Dinkelsbühl.
The West Coast hardcore band has always stood for great and catchy songs that make you want to drink beer and party. Of course, this is will also happen in Dinkelsbühl in the summer, when IGNITE will be knocking down open doors with their melodic hardcore. After the vacant singer position was perfectly filled with Eli Santana and with another successful disc was heaved onto the shelves with their the -titled sixth album that got released in March, the band's goal at SUMMER BREEZE is: Full throttle! Do you still remember the grandiose show of 2014, when even an enthusiastic Robb Flynn (Machine Head) stormed the stage? You can expect just as much from IGNITE in 2022!
Marta Marta Written 2022-05-09 16:14:38

The roots of SUMMER BREEZE
end of green, Fleshcrawl, Apophis, CRACK UP & Voodoo Kiss
Knownly, the SUMMER BREEZE 2022 celebrates its 25th anniversary and for that we have thought about another special evening as a small thank you for your year-long loyalty.
After opening our main stage this year as a bonus already on Wednesday, we will be opening on Tuesday the 16th. August, from the early evening on the Fucking Party Stage, only bands that were guests at SUMMER BREEZE in Abtsgmund in the very first years.
This is how with VOODOO KISS and CRACK UP, we were able to recover two bands from the complete sinking, as well as with APOPHIS and FLESHCRAWL, two Death Metal grenades that also connect us with a long history.
With END OF GREEN as a headliner, you get to enjoy a very close-up show that will let you go into the following party night and the rest of the festival weekend.
So who wants to time travel with us to the early SUMMER BREEZE years will have the chance to do so on Tuesday.
There will be no day tickets for this anniversary sause.
Marta Marta Written 2022-05-09 16:12:50

17.08.2022 - 20.08.2022
Info & Tickets:

Line up complete - Anniversary edition with 133 bands!
Extended program on all 4 stages on all 4 days
Anke Anke Written 2019-05-13 16:37:58
Print@home day tickets are now available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more information check out
Anke Anke Written 2019-05-01 13:21:53
27 new acts have been announced lately for the festival e.g. Lordi, Ost + Front....
Find the complete line up here: