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BeNeLux biggest punkrock & hardcore festival. Every last weekend in April, there’s a small earthquake in a small village called Meerhout (Kempen Area). It’s time for the annual GROEZROCK fest. During the past years this festival grew from a small venue (cap. 400 visitors) to an international punk/hc/emo/ska/rock festival with 32.000 visitors from Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy. GROEZROCK, by tradition the festival opener in Belgium, offers the best punkrock, hardcore, rock, emorock, scream(emo), ska, or simply exceptional music of today and tomorrow. GROEZROCK has become one of the largest punkrocking festivals in Europe. To be honest, we never expected something like this. We saw more and more campers each year. So 9 years ago our local youth club JC HORIZONT started with a camping festival on friday called POSITIVE MIND. This camping festival exploded a few years ago with over 10.000 people. Anyway from now on we officially have two GROEZROCK festival days with 4 stages and a talent stage.

Covered festivals:

    Groezrock 2012

    Groezrock 2013

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Groezrock Groezrock Written 2015-12-14 08:51:37

We already announced that Rancid will be performing their classic album " ...And Out Come the Wolves " in its entirety. But you want more names, right? Well, here they are:

Let's start with Sick Of It All who will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with us. They invited fellow New York hardcore legends Biohazard and Youth of Today (Ray, Porcell, Walter, Sammy) to party along with them.

Wait, still not enough legends for you people? Jeez, tough crowd.

But okay, progressive hardcore pioneers BURN are coming over for a gig. And Dag Nasty (Shawn, Brian, Roger, Colin) have reunited with their original vocalist Shawn Brown. You don't want to miss this!

Next up, the equally legendary Hatebreed with a new record via Nuclear Blast and Swedish skatepunk vikings No Fun At All Official and Venerea . Yes, vikings.

Now, seriously, re-read these names. This is a pretty awesome hardcore and punk rock history lesson, kiddos. And you'll get all of that musical wisdom over the course of just one weekend!

Now don't worry, it won't be all old farts and wrinkled kids on stage. We found some exciting new-ish acts too.

Like letlive . They're pretty awesome. As is Modern Baseball . And Night Birds , although they do sound like old farts, with their 80's style hardcore punk.

Rozwell Kid is releasing their SideOneDummy Records debut soon. PEARS - the band are the newest Fat Wreck Chords sensation. Bad Cop / Bad Cop completely won us over with “Not Sorry”. And Success did their name justice when they released the near-perfect record “Radio Recovery”.

A bit of recovering is exactly what you'll need after slam dancing to the über-brutal Emmure and Siberian Meat Grinder , a name that pretty much says it all.

You prefer to skank around the lush Groezrock meadow? We're happy to oblige, with the happy tunes of The Aggrolites and Less Than Jake .

Or maybe you just prefer to wipe away a tear while enjoying some emo tunes by Blessthefall and Saosin with Anthony Green.

Now, let's huddle up all close and cozy because we are going to talk exclusive shows here. You ready?

Sum 41 will be playing their first festival show in a long time at GROEZROCK . Four Year Strong is doing an exclusive Benelux show. And even more exclusive are the only shows on the European mainland by The Movielife (on this run) and none other than the mighty Dillinger Four !!!!!! WOW!!!

With all these amazing foreign bands, it's sometimes easy to forget that we have some solid punkrock acts in Belgium as well. No worries though, the guys in Flatcat will make sure you remember that little nugget of wisdom.

Maybe some of you are like ‘well, that's all fine and dandy but I don't see no R. Kelly or Celine Dion on your list'! And you'd be right. We tried, but they weren't available. Which is why we booked all-star band Me First And The Gimme Gimmes instead.

Last, but certainly not least, we're having a friggin' movie star on our little fest this year: Juliette Lewis and the LICKS are back together.

How's that for an early Christmas present? Pretty solid, huh? And since you've been so nice this year and because we're so goddamn generous, we'll throw in one last name: Frank Turner and the SLEEPING SOULS.
Oh… and ticket sales just started as we speak. Check
Friday : 65 euro
Saturday : 70 euro
Combi : 98 euro
Camping : 15 euro

(VIP tickets : more info asap)

Right, well, that's about it. Now slap a bow on that list and put it under your Christmas tree! More names coming soon. Let us know what you think… We can't wait!!!!




Groezrock News Groezrock News Written 2015-01-27 12:02:11
Groezrock 2015 - new names!
Hello! And welcome to 2015!

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays. We are still digesting everything we ate and drank, but we did manage to round up more bands for you in between courses. Here are some more new names who will be playing your favorite punkrock festival in just four months.

There won’t be any blurred lines from Swedish hardcore powerhouse RAISED FIST, though. Yes, they’re back after about 5 years of silence. Their new album “From The North” dropped earlier this month and it’s simply what we have gotten to know and love them for: awesome, straightforward, heavy hardcore punk. They just finished recording a video for the song “Flow”, and they want YOU to be the first to see it! Isn’t that sweet? Here’s what vocalist Alexander has to say about it:

"Its more than 10 years since we played Groezrock. Still we have so many clear memories from that insane show! This spring we finally return! With a new album, and a band on a whole new level! We are glad to announce our new video in co-lab with Groezrock and Epitaph.

The song “Flow” is about living the life you love, loving the life you live. You don't need waterfalls of much, just a constant flow of little. Feelings, creativity, love, hate - everything needs a constant flow and circulation.

The video illustrates what we feel like music-wise and mentally after being away for almost 6 years, surrounded by people wanting to put a lit on our outflow, and hinder the circulation. Instead of making this Hollywood polished "expendables" action video like “Friends & Traitors”, we wanted a gritty, nasty, disturbing look in the style of the movie "Pusher". Everything to accompany the rough sound and feeling of FROM THE NORTH.

We recorded this in a freezing hangar. Almost no clothes. We got wet, we got spit on, we got hit for real and it was just the worst recording ever comfortable-wise. Enjoy the result!”

The YoutTube link for Raised Fist - 'Flow':

Thank you, Alexander. Now, on with the show!

Come to think of it, describing KNAPSACK as new might be stretching the truth a little. After breaking up in 2000, the band is now back and it will be a pleasure to watch them blur the lines between emo and indie at Groezrock.

Another band that has been around the block, gotten lost and then found its way back to the stage is DIESEL BOY. According to the band they are ‘thrilled to have been asked to perform at the 2015 Groezrock Festival. Having played some of the world’s finest cities — New York, London, Sydney — we couldn’t be happier to add Meerhout to that list. In preparation for our first Belgian show in 15 years, we will view the complete Jean-Claude Van Damme filmography (including "The Shepherd: Border Patrol”) and subsist entirely on a diet of stoofkarbonnaden and Duvel until we appear at the festival on May 2’.

You almost fooled us by leaving a letter out of your name but we figured you out, Frank. My Chemical Romance called it a day in 2013, but rhythm guitarist Frank Iero sure wasn’t done writing music. He recorded an album pretty much on his own in 2014, recruited a touring band and will be coming over to Europe. Yup, FRNKIERO ANDTHE CELLABRATION will be playing at Groezrock.

From Cellabrations to OBLITERATIONS. Featuring members of Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops and Saviours, the band already knows how to come up with some heavy riffing. Drop them in Dave Grohl’s studio, put Chris Owens (Young Widows, Coliseum) and Kurt Ballou (Converge, High on Fire) behind the mixing table and you can bet your a** that you’ll be blown away by a heavy dose of insanely intense hardcore punk,

If you don’t like it so loud and aggressive, you can just, ehm, f*ck off and die. Really, that’s what F.O.D. stands for. These local heroes have been sweeping girls off their feet with sugar sweet harmonies and super fun punk rock for quite a while now. And they’re more than happy to share their “Tricks of the Trade” with you.

Over to the Macbeth Stage then… they have announced three more names as well, starting off with THE DEAF, a Dutch band that likes 60ies garage and rock ‘n roll with Spike (Di-rect) on vocals. Also from The Netherlands is CALL IT OFF, a pop-punk band that has been listening to a fair amount of Green Day. UK’s UNDER THE INFLUENCE will be playing the Macbeth stage as well. Under their influences they list Dr Dre, Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg and sound not unlike other UK acts like Enter Shikari and TRC.

We have 20 more bands to announce so keep tuning in for more news!

Date: Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd.
Location: Meerhout (Belgium)
Facebook event:

About: Groezrock is an annual music festival that takes place in Meerhout, Belgium. During the past years this festival grew from a small venue (cap. 400 visitors) to an international punk/hc/emo/ska/rock festival with 40.000 visitors from Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, USA, Canada, ...
Festival News Festival News Written 2012-03-30 23:43:47
GROEZROCK, DAY 1: Saturday 28 April: Rancid (first show in Europe), Lagwagon, Face To Face (only show this time), Yellowcard, Heideroosjes, Bouncing Souls, Reel Big Fish (only show this time), Belvedere, None More Black (exclusive), The Menzingers, Authority Zero, Chixdiggit, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Evergreen Terrace (only show this time), The Ghost Inside, Miss May I, For Today, Royal Republic, We Are The In Crowd, The Copyrights, Paceshifters, Gallows, Hazen Street, Lifetime (exclusive european show), Verse (first european reunion show), Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Off With Their Heads, I Am The Avalanche, Confession, B.E.A.R., Counterpunch, Banquets, Garrett Klahn (acoustic), Face Tomorrow (acoustic), Hostage Calm (acoustic), Vienna (acoustic), We Are The Ocean, Midnight Souls, Now Voyager, Until The Last, The Charm The Fury, Envy the Fallen, Versus You.

GROEZROCK, DAY 2: Sunday 29 April: Refused, Simple Plan, Thrice (Final ever European festival), Good Riddance (first european reunion show), Alkaline Trio, Hot Ware Music, Motion City Soundtrack, MxPx All Stars, Zebrahead, Billy The Kill, Versus The World, Unearth, Terror, Anti-flag, Architects, Your Demise, The Old Firm Casuals, The Dangerous Summer, Make Do & Mand, Wolves Like Us, Gorilla Biscuits, 7Seconds, Slapshot, DYS, Such Gold, Cobra Skulls, Trigger Effect, Sunpower, Red City Radio, Junius, The Swellers, We Butter the Bread with butter, The Amsterdam Red-Light District, If I Die Today, John Coffey, As Enemies Arise, Barroom Heroes.