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  Grand Magus

When the auspicious wolves of GRAND MAGUS start to rock, every skull begins to crumble. The Swedish group around frontman Janne „JB” Christoffersson catapults the hammer of the North towards Europe and announces a brute doom/stoner metal storm, that´ll take your live away. Black hearted and driven by old school attitude, this trio infernal copes with topics like nature, death and the history of Sweden within their Songs. Inspired by these dark backgrounds, GRAND MAGUS create apocalyptic rock, which sounds as if it comes out straight from hell. Rapturing guitar-riffs, electrifying bass-lines and murderous grooves make stoner-fans feel bigger than the devil. This is obviously one of the reasons why GRAND MAGUS reached to become a cult-act within the doom/stoner-scene.

Grand Magus

Covered gigs:

   2017-06-07 Grand Magus (Sweden Rock Festival 2017)

   2017-04-22 Grand Magus (Klubben - Stockholm)

   2017-03-28 Grand Magus (The Classic Grand - Glasgow)

   2016-06-19 Grand Magus (Hellfest Open Air 2016)

   2015-07-16 Grand Magus (Bang Your Head 2015)

   2015-02-27 Grand Magus (House Of Metal 2015)

   2014-12-10 Grand Magus (O2 Abc - Glasgow)

   2014-08-15 Grand Magus (Sabaton Open Air - Rockstad Falun 2014)

   2012-08-10 Grand Magus (Bloodstock 2012)

   2012-08-09 Grand Magus (Metalcamp 2012)

   2011-03-19 Grand Magus (Hammerfest 2011)

   2010-11-27 Grand Magus (Hmv Forum - London)

   2010-11-23 Grand Magus (Manchester Academy - Manchester)

   2010-11-12 Grand Magus (Helvation 2010)

   2010-06-05 Grand Magus (Muskelrock 2010)

   2009-06-04 Grand Magus (Sweden Rock Festival 2009)

   2009-05-30 Grand Magus (Rock Hard Festival 2009)

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