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Starrats released 3 albums Broken Halo (2004 Adrenaline Records), Rebelütion (2006 Perris Records). ..Screw The Consequences.. (2009 Swedmetal Records). In the 6 years the band has existed, we have toured most of Europe + played with Alice Cooper, Skid Row, Freak Kitchen, Dokken, Magnum, Zodiac Mindwarp, Memfis, Mustasch, Pretty Boy Floyd, Britny Fox, Bullet Boys, Babylon Bombs, Warrior Soul, Hot Leg, Vains Of Jenna, The Quireboys, & many more.
In 2010 we won the People's choice award for best live band at the Danish Metal Awards. We're currently writing material for our 4th album. It ain't rocket-science, but it works!!! :-)


Covered gigs:

   2011-02-12 Starrats (The Rock - Köpenhamn)

   2010-09-10 Starrats (Stockholm Rock Out 2010)

   2009-09-25 Starrats (Distortion - Malmö)

   2008-01-11 Starrats (Debaser - Malmö)

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Ronny Karlsson Ronny Karlsson Written 2018-11-12 20:11:20
Jag söker med ljus och lykta efter Kasper Bassisten.Vi umgicks för. men har tappat kontakten.
Kan någon hjälpa mig?