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  Sherwood Festival

- Sherwood Festival – which is unique among this kind of events, at least at national level, a kermesse growing and growing every year in terms of participation ad cultural offer.
More than two decades after its debut, Sherwood festival gained such a strenght that thousands of people each year wait for it, and begin their summer enjoining it.
This Festival is a lot of things together: the expression of a social and political community that has never stopped dreaming of a different and more equal world, but also a public space, alive and open to anyone, in which music, theater, art, literature, meetings and debates are occasions to shorten the distances that often make difficult to live together in the same community: different points of view, ages, attitudes, opinions.
Last year Sherwood Festival did not close after the official conclusion in July, but continued during the whole year with live music events thanks to the collaboration with Centro Sociale Rivolta P.V.C. in Marghera (Venice), making it a constant cultural landmark in north-eastern Italy.

We are also Sherwood Open Live, a project open to any artistic expression, promoting the artistic realities of our region.
We will continue to be a radio, changing into a webradio provided with video streaming, a powerful communication instrument we started to experiment in 2010 edition of the Festival and that, since then, constantly broadcasts our live events.
So, the choice to move the investments from the FM radio to web-based global communication is not simply linked to a momentary trend.
The potentiality the web is offering and the fast development of new technologies, permeating our lives to the point of changing our habits, allows us to work on a project which has no limit, except our own.

Our new website is articulated in three main sections: "Live", a noticeboard of musical and cultural events we are promoting; "Festival", with all the information regarding the current edition; and "Webzine" : a real online magazine dedicated to independent productions, with reviews, articles and interviews on music, art, literature, comics....

Multimedia is the core of our project. It would be a mistake to read the dismissal of FM frequencies as an “abandon” of something in order to make the web project possible: we don't abandon anything but the laziness that sometimes assails who boasts an history of almost 40 years!
Experimentation of multimedia platform gives us a rebirth. Our spirit, on the other hand, is always the same that, a long time ago, gave someone the idea of switching on a transmitter and start talking in a microphone while life was exploding in the streets.

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