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  Black Moth

Finding as much strength in grace and wit as in riff-driven heaviosity, Black Moth emerged from Leeds in the early years of this decade powered by the twin forces of Sabbath and Stooges, yet set alight (and apart) by a Grand Guignol charm and a melodious suss.

Their two albums to date have seen them propelling garage rock immediacy and dark abandon into the stratosphere with class and chutzpah alike, but it’s their third and brand new ‘Anatomical Venus’ outing that sees them travelling beyond these influences, emerging as unique and unclassifiable mavericks whose invention and intuition elevate them to fresh heights of righteousness.

Black Moth

Covered gigs:

   2018-11-01 Black Moth (The Garage - Glasgow)

   2018-02-08 Black Moth (Boston Music Room - London)

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