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  White Lies

The English post-punk revival band White Lies are putting out their fourth album. The release is followed by a tour in the autumn wich brings them to both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

White Lies debuted in 2009 with the album "To Lose My Life" which went straight to number 1 on the British album charts. This trio whirled into a hefty tour period in which they, among other things played on both the Glastonbury Festival, American Lollapalooza and Coachella before being touring with Muse.

Since then, the post-punk inspired band has released two more albums, most recently 2013's "Big TV" wich the press and fans welcomed with open arms.

Now they have announced the release of White Lies fourth album, entitled "Friends", later on this year.

White Lies

Covered gigs:

   2017-07-15 White Lies (Pori Jazz 2017)

   2014-06-14 White Lies (Kb - Malmö)

   2013-11-24 White Lies (Berns - Stockholm)

   2011-08-14 White Lies (Sziget 2011)

   2011-07-16 White Lies (Hultsfredsfestivalen 2011)

   2009-11-04 White Lies (Berns - Stockholm)

   2009-08-28 White Lies (Leeds 2009)

   2009-08-15 White Lies (Flow 2009)

   2009-07-21 White Lies (Paleo 2009)

   2009-07-05 White Lies (Roskilde Festival 2009)

   2009-06-22 White Lies (Hovefestivalen 2009)

   2009-03-04 White Lies (Vega - Copenhagen)

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