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  Velnio Akmuo (Devilstone)

DEVILSTONE Open Air – one of the greatest festivals of extreme music in Baltic States will occur for the third time in Anyksciai, Lithuania, on the bank of the river Šventoji in mifd July. Gaining the status of a traditional event, the festival once again invites to spend the whole weekend in a charming corner of nature, feel damn-exciting atmosphere and enjoy quality, live music.

DEVILSTONE Open Air presents creative, interesting, talented musicians, distinguished by their own, unique sounding, from foreign countries and all the best, what is present on the Lithuanian extreme music scene.

Another part of the festival, just as attractive as live performances of the mentioned musicians are, is the night-time Rocktheque program, where real, old and truthful rock music from the period of 1960-1989 will take over and make one feel at least a whiff of the legendary Woodstock spirits.

The festival is not limited to just the metal and rock music as there will be some additional attractions: Volleyball tournament, Tea tasting, MC Growl fight, Photo-contest, Creative workshop, Football match. Finally, refreshing waters of the river will always take care of those, who get too heated by the sun or festival action. The surrounding itself does not leave one bored – the little town of Anyksciai is famous for its natural and cultural heritage, therefore a curious visitor shall always find places to sightsee and things to learn.

Thousands – the Lithuanian audience and visitors from abroad – have already felt the strong power of DEVILSTONE attraction, as it is the right place for everyone, searching for real impressions and longing to indulge into embrace of extreme music...

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Velnio Akmuo (Devilstone) | FESTIVALPHOTO