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Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal band from Winterthur, Zurich founded by Chrigel Glanzmann. The band was formed in 2002 and their first EP, Vên was released in 2003. Vên was a studio project of Glanzmann's but its success led to the recruitment of a full band. They describe themselves as "The new wave of folk metal". After the release of their first full-length album, Spirit in June 2006, Eluveitie was signed by Nuclear Blast. The band has released six records under the label since then. They are one of the most prominent bands of the folk metal scene and have reached high positions in both the Swiss and German charts. Eluveitie use traditional instruments amidst guitars and harsh vocals. The lyrics are often in the now extinct language Gaulish.


Covered gigs:

   2019-07-20 Eluveitie (Gefle Metal Festival 2019)

   2019-06-22 Eluveitie (Copenhell 2019)

   2018-07-23 Eluveitie (Metaldays 2018)

   2016-08-12 Eluveitie (Leyendas Del Rock 2016)

   2016-08-05 Eluveitie (Wacken Open Air 2016)

   2016-05-20 Eluveitie (Manning Bar - Sydney)

   2016-02-04 Eluveitie (70000tons Of Metal 2016)

   2015-11-15 Eluveitie (Forum - London)

   2015-08-01 Eluveitie (Przystanek Woodstock - Pol And Rock 2015)

   2015-06-06 Eluveitie (Sweden Rock Festival 2015)

   2014-11-13 Eluveitie (The Classic Grand - Glasgow)

   2014-08-16 Eluveitie (Roko Naktys 2014)

   2014-08-09 Eluveitie (Leyendas Del Rock 2014)

   2014-06-21 Eluveitie (Hellfest Open Air 2014)

   2013-08-09 Eluveitie (Getaway Rock 2013)

   2012-11-09 Eluveitie (Hmv Forum - London)

   2012-08-17 Eluveitie (Sabaton Open Air - Rockstad Falun 2012)

   2012-08-08 Eluveitie (Metalcamp 2012)

   2012-08-03 Eluveitie (Vagos Open Air 2012)

   2012-05-31 Eluveitie (Metalfest Open Air Austria 2012)

   2011-11-07 Eluveitie (Relentless Garage - London)

   2011-11-02 Eluveitie (Neckbreakers Ball (Ljubljana) 2011)

   2010-07-08 Eluveitie (Metalcamp 2010)

   2010-03-01 Eluveitie (Seifenfabrik - Graz)

   2009-08-08 Eluveitie (Party San Open Air 2009)

   2009-06-28 Eluveitie (Tuska Open Air 2009)

   2009-02-20 Eluveitie (Ferrum Frost 2009)

   2008-07-08 Eluveitie (Metalcamp 2008)

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