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 Photographers and writers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pontus Hamlin


In the camera bag:

Canon Eos 7d
Canon EF 24-70. f2.8L USM
Tokina AT-X Pro 11-16. DX f/2.8
Lomography Spinner 360
Metz blixt
Omni bounce

Passionate consert photographer, from Sweden, but living in Stavanger Norway. Everything started with my interest in music (mostly punk, hardcore and rock). I started to travel to festivals in 2001 and a few years later I decided to bring a camera, and after that my interest for photography was born. These days I try two combine these two interest as often as I can and I always try to capture the energy and pulse on stage.

I am also in charge of the accreditations for the staff of Festivalphoto in the northern part of Sweden.

Photos taken by Pontus Hamlin:

2013-05-02 Bury Tomorrow (Tou Scene - Stavanger)
2013-05-02 Now Voyager (Tou Scene - Stavanger)
2012-11-09 Turbonegro (Folken - Stavanger)
2012-10-29 Gojira (Folken - Stavanger)
2012-10-19 Soundtrack of Our Lives (Folken - Stavanger)
2012-10-18 John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen (Folken - Stavanger)
2012-08-23 - 2012-08-25 Rått Og Råde
2012-06-28 Kvelertak (Tou Scene - Stavanger)
2012-06-28 Deathbed Reunion (Tou Scene - Stavanger)
2012-03-15 Carnival Kids (Touscene - Stavanger)
2012-03-15 Honningbarna (Touscene - Stavanger)
2012-02-09 Kaizers Orchestra (Folken - Stavanger)
2011-11-09 Doomriders (Folken - Stavanger)
2011-11-09 Kvelertak (Folken - Stavanger)
2011-10-15 Katzenjammer (Folken - Stavanger)
2011-09-17 Uriah Heep (Folken - Stavanger)
0000-00-00 Overthrow (Folken - Stavanger)