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  Przystanek Woodstock

Przystanek Woodstock (Woodstock Poland) is a huge summer music festival held in the beginning of August in Kostrzyn on the Oder, Poland. The Festival is organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation in order to thank all its volunteers and supporters who take part in the annual Grand Finale fundraising event in January. The first Woodstock Festival was held in 1995 in Czymanów at the ?arnowieckie Lake. Every year, Przystanek Woodstock features a few dozen bands from Poland and abroad. The guests are invited to perform on one of our two stages: the Big Stage or the Small Stage, also known as the Folk Stage. For 15 years the Orchestra has been organizing auditions for bands willing to perform for the Woodstock audience. Any groups interested in such an opportunity, whether they are a well-known group already or quite new to the scene, may send their demo CD to Fabryka Zespo?ów, which has been managing the band recruitment process for Przystanek Woodstock since 2009.

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    Przystanek Woodstock 2013

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    Przystanek Woodstock 2016

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Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-02-10 12:59:51
New bands for Woodstock Festival!

Slaves -
Singing drummer - Isaac Holman, and guitarist - Laurie Vincent make huge noise for just a pair of people on stage. The in-your-face band has been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Award and smashed the stages at Reading and Leeds, and Glastonbury festivals. The musicians cite their parents and their pets as their key inspirations. Far from being neatly shelved as punk rockers, the musicians chase that teen angst energy and aim to play music that just really makes you feel something. Slaves might be controversial, they might be rebellious, but they have no regrets. Their albums are almost like hearing them speak directly to the audience, calling young people to action. Political they are not, but socially involved they are for sure. Judging by the marvellous mayhem of their live shows, their appearance at the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland will be one to remember!

Prong -
The band is a bit like the city it originates from - New York in the lat 1980: interesting, daring, and exciting. Formed in 1986 by people connected with the legendary CBGB's club in the Big Apple, the band has been noticed by the big players in 1989. In the beginning of their long and prolific music career, Prong has been influenced by the sound and attitude of post-punk bands, later to create its very original blend of hardcore, trash and industrial. The trio of artists deconstruct the very essence of metal to create something new. 30 years, eleven studio albums, one live album, four EPs, one DVD and one remix album later they are taking the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-02-06 18:57:46
New bands for Woodstock Poland

Nothing But Thieves
Ever wondered how to combine a gritty guitar sound with appealing sensitivity of pop? Nothing But Thieves is a shining example of how to master this art. The band is taking music world by storm. As well as sold out shows in the UK, Japan and USA they recently completed a successful run of European arena shows with fellow Brits, Muse. This summer they are going to be rocking the massive stage at Woodstock Festival Poland.

The Qemists
You can't put a label on their music. They began as rock kids, who fell in love with music powering the rave dance floors. The Qemists' sound is as unmistakable and unique as you might expect from a successful marriage of drum'n'base, rock, and electronic sound. Three might be a crowd, but here is just works perfectly. The band will be making its return to Woodstock Festival Poland in 2017, having played in Kostrzyn in 2012.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2016-12-22 16:56:15
Trivium and Orange Goblin at Woodstock!

Trivium at Woodstock 2017

The metalcore band are going to be making waves in Poland yet again! Returning for a performance in front of the massive audience at Woodstock Festival Poland this summer, they will take the Main Stage of the festival. The moguls of trash metal, once honoured with the title of 'the best live band' by the Metal Hammer, promise to focus on the numbers from their latest release "Silence in the Snow". The album, released in 2015 is as musically complex as it is striking, with lyrics touching on the topics of suffering, hatred, and personal struggle.

Orange Goblin at Woodstock 2017

Born to the darkness of underground Soho clubs and metal lifestyle in the 90s, the Orange Goblin are making its debut on the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland in 2017. The members of the band claim to be heavily inspired by the greats of heavy metal, hard rock, and punk rock play what can be best described as stoner metal. Their lyrics focus on themes of space travel, drug abuse, and relationships. When their newest single dropped last year, we could see that their heavy metal credentials are not to be trifled with!

More power than ever in 2017!

The official announcement of Trivium and Orange Goblin, we now know 5 bands which are going to be rocking the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland. With Amon Amarth, Trivium, and Orange Goblin sharing the line-up, we are all up for a mind-blowing experience. The Exploited are bringing some of the most genuine punk - rock legacy to Woodstock Poland, while The Kyle Gass Band are simply a class of their own.

The next year's edition of this free, open-air music festival will take place in the beginning of August in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, in western Poland. The festival is organised by the biggest charity in Poland, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which tirelessly works to improve the level of care offered in public hospitals in Poland.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2016-12-08 21:10:42
The Exploited at Woodstock

Ever heard the adage 'Punk's Not Dead'? Meet the guys responsible for coining it! The band, born in the 1980 in Edinburgh cemented their status as punk prodigy - touring with Discharge and playing sold-out shows across the riot-torn country. The musicians have never sold out, nor have they compromised their viciously honest and brutal music style. The Exploited are anti-establishment and anti-war, proving that Punk is indeed not dead - but live and kicking, and coming to Poland this summer!

The Kyle Gass Band at Woodstock

Kyle Gass of the Tenacious D fame (aka the greatest band in the world) is responsible for the musical phenomenon called The Kyle Gass Band. Musicians walk the thin line between serious and silly, funny and furious, jazzy and heavy. Their energy and creativity make for shows, which are as unforgettable as they are great. This year's tour promises to have even more live animals (unlikely) and even more mutton chops (probable). We are sure that the artists from the US are going to be a perfect fit for Woodstock Festival Poland.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2016-10-25 14:04:03
Amon Amarth at Woodstock 2017

We are delighted to announce that the legendary Swedish metal band has joined our line-up for 2017! The band, riding an incredible high after the release of their 10th studio album, the conceptual masterpiece 'Jomsviking', are currently touring the world. The band's sound can be described as melodic metal. The cinematic depth and scope of their music and inspiration drawn from myth and tradition of Vikings is the band's trademark style. We can not wait to see their spectacular show this summer!

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