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  Przystanek Woodstock

Przystanek Woodstock (Woodstock Poland) is a huge summer music festival held in the beginning of August in Kostrzyn on the Oder, Poland. The Festival is organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation in order to thank all its volunteers and supporters who take part in the annual Grand Finale fundraising event in January. The first Woodstock Festival was held in 1995 in Czymanów at the ?arnowieckie Lake. Every year, Przystanek Woodstock features a few dozen bands from Poland and abroad. The guests are invited to perform on one of our two stages: the Big Stage or the Small Stage, also known as the Folk Stage. For 15 years the Orchestra has been organizing auditions for bands willing to perform for the Woodstock audience. Any groups interested in such an opportunity, whether they are a well-known group already or quite new to the scene, may send their demo CD to Fabryka Zespo?ów, which has been managing the band recruitment process for Przystanek Woodstock since 2009.

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Woodstock goes PolAn Woodstock goes PolAn Written 2018-03-08 19:30:09
This year, the event, which is organised to show the gratitude for public involvement in the annual Grand Finale charitable collection, will be named PolAndRock Festival. The festival will be held in the same location of Kostrzyn nad Odrą in western Poland. The festival begins on August 2nd and ends on August 4th, 2018.

The festival combines four vibrant music stages with cultural and educational activities. The festival, yet again, will be a destination for young and old people seeking fun and knowledge. The ethos of the event remains unchanged as well – we cherish the ideals of love, friendship, and music and take a stand against violence and drug abuse. PolAndRock Festival – just like the previous editions of the festival – will be a celebration of tolerance, mutual respect, and freedom.

The promoters of Woodstock Music & Art Fair have kindly allowed us to use the name for the last 23 years. We have consistently built our very own, individual identity and promoted our vision of the festival. We envisioned our festival as a free, non-commercial event. We focus on the human experience rather than on financial gain and put emphasis on the ethos of socially involved, poignant event. It seems we have reached the limits of holding our festival under this label. When a commercial agency, which has taken over the matter, had issued a new set of conditions which had to be met in order for us to be able to continue to use the name, we realised that it would go against the very essence of our meeting of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Our festival is based on the ideas of freedom and independence! The time has come for the festival to emerge under a new, genuine name. It is a phrase we have coined ourselves and it represents us and our event. Join us at PolAndRock Festival to experience a truly unique event! says Jurek Owsiak, the originator and promoter of the festival.

PolAndRock Festival will traditionally be a free, non-commercial event. Just like during the previous editions of the event, the 2018 festival will promote education, social awareness and focus on important global issues. We will attempt to create the basis of civil society, promote the ideals of tolerance, peace, and equality. The festival-goers can explore diverse activities and learn more about the initiatives were undertaken by different NGOs. PolAndRock Festival is a socially conscious event and it is a space for exploration, learning, and social activism. Festival-goers explore the world and learn about global and local responsibility, celebrate their country, and explore new ideas.

The festival is renowned for its health and safety solutions, and it is known as the safest mass event in Poland. According to the health and safety professionals and uniformed and emergency services the organization of the festival has always been exemplary. The organizers of the event speak about the health and safety procedures at international trade conferences.

The artists will be featured on four very diverse stages: Main Stage, Second Stage, Viva Kultura Tent Stage, and AFA Night Stage. The line-up of the festival includes acts such as Lao Che, Arch Enemy, Goo Goo Dolls, Big Mountain, The Inspector Cluzo, Booze And Glory, Balkan Beat Box, Blues Pills, while many other artists remain to be announced.

The Festival is held by the largest Polish charity, which for the past 25 years has donated equipment worth 825 million PLN to Polish children's and geriatric hospitals. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity organises the festival as a way of saying thank-you to all volunteers involved in a winter fundraising drive, which this year alone brought donations amounting to a sum of over 30 million Euro (according to the exchange rate from 28.02).
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-04-21 14:56:33
House of Pain Reunion Tour
House Of Pain Celebrates 25th Anniversary of "Jump Around" With Reunion Tour Dates and playing in Poland for the first time!

EVERLAST, DANNY BOY, and DJ LETHAL have reunited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the HOUSE OF PAIN classic track "Jump Around" with headlining shows across the Globe. The group reunite to perform House of Pain classic like "Jump Around", "Shamrocks and Shenanigans", and "Put on Your S**t Kickers", and more.

It’s hard to believe that the rowdy Irish Americans got started way back in 1991, but for the past 20 years the group has maintained a high profile – topping the Billboard charts as a group and with solo efforts. It was a turn of a new decade when HOUSE OF PAIN changed the face of hip-hop with their self-titled debut album, going multi-platinum and launching one of the most memorable songs in hip-hop history with “Jump Around”. Now it’s the start of another new decade and HOUSE OF PAIN is ready to do it all over again.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-04-06 09:10:22
Preliminaries Contestants at Woodstock Poland
The team behind Woodstock Festival Poland is eager to introduce our massive audience to some interesting performers from around the world, and that's why we hold a unique music competition. Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries are addressed to bands from around the world and it offers an opportunity to perform at the biggest music event in Europe.

It comes as no surprise that musicians are eager to take part. Today we announce two bands, which have been fast-tracked to perform at the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland 2017!

Juicy world music from London
Molotov Jukebox, fronted by the charismatic Natalia Tena, plays vibrant, vivacious variety of world music. There is a sprinkling of Balkanian soulfulness in the sound of their violins, and Iberian heat of the guitars, and this music seduces you instantly.

Their music transports you straight to the warmer climes, with their vivid colours and juicy sounds. The world is their dance-floor and we are sure that the audience will appreciate their spell-binding show!

Young metal from Germany
How can you combine melodic rock'n'roll with some powerful heavy metal sounds? Annisokay, a young quintet from Germany achieves just that. Signed with well-established indie label, the band has released two well-received albums.

Having toured extensively - playing concerts across Europe and Russia, the band decided to give Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries a shot - and what a jackpot that was. The band will be appearing at the Second Stage of the massive festival.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-03-27 13:19:11
New artists announced

ravel in time with Blues Pills

The transcontinental band, now based in Sweden, draws inspiration from music from late 60's and early 70's. The quartet of very talented young artists cite psychodelic rock, blues, and swing as their main inspirations. The Blues Pills excel at blending nostalgic melodies with very contemporary, even raw lyrics - discussing what it's like to live and love in the 21st century. Drawing inspiration from heyday of rock and driven by unique and very strong female voice, the band members record in analogue studios, and that's why their music is filled with hypnotising warmth. Marijke Koger, who has designed for The Beatles, is responsible for their cover artwork.

Best in European-made reggae

DUB INC. are responsible for reggae revival in Europe. The collective of non-Jamaican reggae artists is all about mixing music genres and bringing different people together. The musicians decided to combine traditional reggae tunes with Algerian rai and dub effects. Instead of going forward with mimicking Jamaican sensibilities in lyrics, the musicians from Saint-Etienne decided to make their lyrics more relevant to their experience, and have enjoyed tremendous success across the world. Sweeping across the charts with their feel-good, but oftentimes socially conscious lyrics and spreading love and positive vibes at their live shows DUB INC. are a perfect fit for this year's line-up.

Cosmic trip with a folk twist

Łąki Łan are something of a phenomenon - their cryptic lyrics, their bizzare stage antics, and weird, sometimes alien and sometimes Slavic music puzzle and delights audiences. It is experimental Polish music at their best, and their fans are delighted that the band is making its return to Woodstock Festival Poland.

Energy and positive melodies
Tabu has been searching for the right tunes for quite a while. Finally they have settled energetic, reggae-inspired tunes. Their trademark feature is a very powerful brass section. This is the music you can not refuse to dance to - it fills you with joy, happiness and inspires to take up action and seize the day.
Tabu are making their return to Woodstock Festival Poland this year.
Woodstock news Woodstock news Written 2017-03-26 18:38:54
Mando Diao at the Main Stage

The key to the band's lasting success is their versatility and creative approach to music. The Swedish rockers are masters of reinvention. Born and bread in the place they call the most boring and dangerous area in Sweden they cite the 1990s as the main influence on their music - there was lots of diversity in music, and they don't feel like they belong to a certain genre at all. Even though their music might sound nostalgic, sounding like a mash-up of well known pieces by The Beatles and The Kinks, their creativity and approach to music is entirely contemporary.

Mando Diao are musical explorers. It becomes clear when listening to their albums - there are songs inspired by classic rock, numbers produced by hip-hop artists, and an album which tackles Swedish poetry. Their craftsmanship is undeniable, as is their passion for experimentation in the field music and arts. Famous for their energetic live shows, the band will be closing the first day of the festival on the Main Stage.

Clock Machine takes the Second Stage

There is new rock'n'roll in business - and its name is Clock Machine. The self-taught musicians have taken Polish music market by storm: they performed at the two major music festivals in the country: Woodstock Festival Poland and Orange Warsaw Festival. They also grabbed some of the most prestigious awards and continued their streak of musical success by releasing their second, this time entirely self-produced album LOVE.

Their brand of melodic, sometimes dark music is already getting a lot of attention from the audiences and critics. The band skillfully combines rough guitar riffs with rhythmic beats. Clock Machine will be taking the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival.
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