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2015-10-06 Intervju - Madde Ceder, Imber... (Interview/Swe) by: Grimgoth


Intervju med Linda Ström från Thundermother
2015-08-13 Intervju med Linda Ström från Thundermother (Interview/Swe) by: Grimgoth
Thundermother har varit väldigt aktiva i sommar och syns och spelat på många festivaler genom Sverige och även en del utomlands.
Med ett album i bagaget och ett nytt album på gång s...
2015-07-23 INTERVIEW WITH BRANT BJORK HELLFEST 2015 (Interview/Eng) by: Beatriz Yoldi
INTERVIEW WITH BRANT BJORK, Saturday June 20th, 2016

We had the chance to quickly interview one of the Stoner/Desert rock pillars of our time, Palm Desert artist Brant Bjork. Former drummer...
2015-07-09 HELLFEST INTERVIEW WITH AHAB (Interview/Eng) by: Beatriz Yoldi
According to Hellfest’s depitcion, AHAB are “the kings of funeral doom, a strange and interesting genre that is able to create something so fantastic and captivating with a sedated tempo...
2015-07-09 HELLFEST 2015 INTERVIEW WITH SAINT VITUS (Interview/Eng) by: Beatriz Yoldi
Saint Vitus arrive at Hellfest to close their 2015 European Tour The Return of the Walking Dead. The L.A. band, pioneers of Doom Metal since 1978, stand still and continue to strike us all wit...

2015-05-05 Shining's Niklas Kvarforth - ''There’s absolutely nothing that will stop me from achieving my goals.'' (Eng)

2015-04-18 Korpiklaani interview (Eng)

2015-03-31 Malmö Kulturförening gör musik för alla. (Swe)

2015-03-24 Perception of Darkness släpper nytt och gigar på Club TrainWreck (Swe)

2015-03-08 EUROPE - Mic Michaeli on War of Kings (Eng)

2014-12-19 KNÆGT på turné (Swe)

2014-12-16 Ave Nova hatar cancer! (Swe)

2014-08-03 Intervju med Andy La Roque och Mike Wead från King Diamond (25/7 2014) (Swe)

2014-07-23 Robin George - The Historical View (Eng)

2014-07-18 Alestorm Interview (Eng)

2014-05-03 Intervju med Zakk Wylde (Swe)

2014-04-28 Intervju med Down (Swe)

2014-04-28 Trepaneringsritualen förfärar och förför. (Swe)

2014-04-21 Ian Anderson interview (Eng)

2014-04-01 Intervju med Hellyeah (Swe)

2014-03-31 Intervju med Black Stone Cherry (Swe)

2014-02-23 Intervju med Truckfighters (Swe)

2014-01-21 Interview with Karolina, Skeptical Minds (Eng)

2014-01-13 Intervju med Behemoth (Swe)

2013-12-09 Intervju med Grand Magus (Swe)

2013-12-07 Intervju med Avatarium (Swe)

2013-11-26 Nya hemskheter från Styggelse (Swe)

2013-11-17 Intervju med We Came As Romans (Swe)

2013-11-17 Intervju med Alter Bridge (Swe)

2013-11-17 Intervju med Glasvegas (Swe)

2013-11-15 Medvind för Turbocharged (Swe)

2013-11-06 Interview with Ghost Harlem (Eng)

2013-10-28 Intervju med Monster Truck (Swe)

2013-10-15 HOY (Eng)

2013-09-18 Intervju med Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) och Kenneth Anker Nilsen (Neseblod Records) om skivbutiken Helvete (Swe)

2013-09-13 Interview with the Punch-Drunks (Eng)

2013-09-08 Intervju med Trivium (Swe)

2013-09-05 Soror Dolorosa @ Entremuralhas 2013 - Video Interview (Eng)

2013-09-02 Intervju med Dream Theater (Swe)

2013-09-02 Spiritual Front @ Entremuralhas 2013 - Video Interview (Eng)

2013-08-21 Drömline-up på andra Bunkerfestivalen i Oslo (Swe)

2013-08-18 Intervju med Satyricon (Swe)

2013-08-12 Razorrape attackerar igen! (Swe)

2013-07-14 Intervju med Amon Amarth (Swe)

2013-07-08 Labour of Love & Hate: An Underground Musical Journey Through Southeast Asia (Swe)

2013-07-04 Interview with Jeff Waters, Annihilator (Eng)

2013-06-22 Interview with Helcanen (Eng)

2013-06-20 Interview with MFVF organiser Val (Eng)

2013-06-09 Intervju med Spike från The Quireboys at Sweden Rock Festival 8 juni 2013 (Swe)

2013-06-09 Intervju med Stacie Collins Sweden Rock Festival ons 5 juni 2013-06-09 (Swe)

2013-05-26 Intervju med Five Finger Death Punch (Swe)

2013-04-29 Intervju med Children of Bodom (Swe)

2013-04-28 On Cobblestone street I go back to my roots - Interview with Mike Tramp (Eng)

2013-04-18 Intervju med Fjorgynn från danska black metal-bandet Blodarv. Se dem live! (Swe)

2013-04-09 Intervju med Airbourne (Swe)

2013-03-13 På coola Häng Bar i Malmö gör Wolfsblood premiär (Swe)


2013-01-15 Intervju med Soilwork (Swe)

2013-01-04 “Ten years later? Still rockin’ with Sabaton, I hope!” (Eng)

2012-12-23 Hurricane Kids Interview (Eng)

2012-12-15 Interview with Jyrki 69 (The 69 Eyes) (Eng)

2012-12-15 Interview with Joakim Brodén, Sabaton (Eng)

2012-12-15 Intervju med Jyrki 69 (The 69 Eyes) (Swe)

2012-12-14 Interview with Kobra and the lotus (Eng)

2012-12-13 Kickass ’80s! – Suzies shakes the studio (Eng)

2012-11-26 Interview with Eluveitie (Eng)

2012-11-19 Interview with Doro (Eng)

2012-11-04 Interview with Sebastian (Seeb) Levermann- Orden Ogan (Eng)

2012-11-02 Blodarv - black metal från Bornholm (Swe)

2012-10-30 „I don’t think 80’s would happen, if there would be Youtube..” (Mike Tramp) (Eng)

2012-10-21 Per Hulkoff, Raubtier (Swe)

2012-09-30 Seventribe (Swe)

2012-09-14 An interview with Doris Yeh, Chthonic (Eng)

2012-09-03 Wolfsblood= Sex, satan and crustmetal! (Swe)

2012-09-02 An interview with Orianthi (Eng)

2012-09-01 An interview with Sami Hinkka - Ensiferum (Eng)

2012-08-30 An interview with Dakesis (Eng)

2012-08-29 Intervju med Eldrimner (Swe)

2012-08-29 An interview with Skarlett riot (Eng)

2012-08-28 An interview with Korpiklaani (Eng)

2012-08-25 Intervju med SATOR på Helgeåfestivalen (Swe)

2012-08-09 Häng med Brain Police @ Stoned From the Undergrund 2012-07-13 (Swe)

2012-08-05 An interview with Eric Peterson, Testament (Eng)

2012-07-18 Interview with Amoral (FIN) (Eng)

2012-07-02 Intervju med AtomA (Swe)

2012-06-29 The Forsaken gör come-back (Swe)

2012-06-05 An interview with Soen (Eng)

2012-06-04 An Interview with Dynazty (Eng)


2012-05-14 Cambridge Folk Festival interview (Eng)

2012-04-30 An interview with Gotthard (Eng)

2012-04-08 An interview with Kissin Dynamite (Eng)

2012-04-03 An interview with Jake Morley (Eng)

2012-04-01 An interview with Dripback (Eng)

2012-03-31 An interview with Serenity. (Eng)

2012-03-26 An Interview with The Answer (Eng)

2012-03-25 An interview with The Mariana Hollow (Eng)

2012-02-23 An interview with Jettblack (Eng)

2012-02-19 An interview with The Treatment (Eng)

2012-01-18 Alla vill hångla med Razorrape! (Swe)

2012-01-12 Imbalance - Brutal Thrash from Norway (Eng)

2011-12-27 An interview with Serpentine (Eng)

2011-12-27 An interview with Hell, 16th December 2011 (Eng)

2011-12-18 Reenact tar hem årets Released Live and Unsigned! (Swe)

2011-12-16 An interview with Olof Mörck (Dragonland and Amaranthe) (Eng)

2011-12-15 An interview with The Quill - 22-11-2011 (Eng)

2011-12-13 An Interview with Michael Monroe and Dregen at Hard Rock Hell 2011 (Eng)

2011-12-08 Interview with a new Italian band, Syne (Eng)

2011-11-27 An interview with Reckless Love (Eng)

2011-11-21 An interview with The Undertones (Eng)

2011-11-18 An interview with Go West (Eng)

2011-11-11 Grá - en fulländad black-metal platta. (Swe)

2011-11-09 An interview with Van Canto (Eng)

2011-11-04 Bitches Sin: Time What Is Time Interview (Swe)

2011-10-30 An interview with Lahannya (Eng)

2011-10-28 Rishloo interview (Eng)

2011-10-27 Great Rush drömmer om Whisky (Swe)

2011-10-25 Summoned Tide ska lägga världen under sig (Swe)

2011-10-25 True Velocity drömmer om Wembley (Swe)

2011-10-25 RockNRoll Allstars peppar publiken på Released (Swe)

2011-10-22 Interview with Nightwish (Eng)

2011-10-20 Nightrage: Don´t Go Gentle into That Good Night (Swe)

2011-10-15 An interview with Nemhain (Eng)

2011-10-05 An interview with Evile (Eng)

2011-09-30 An interview with Cornerstone (Eng)

2011-09-28 An interview with Onslaught (Eng)

2011-09-25 Intervju Massdistraction, vinnare till Unreleased, Live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-21 Intervju, Stone Antica - Released, live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-20 Intervju, Scandal Circus - Released, Live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-20 Intervju, Renegade Five - Released, Live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-20 Intervju, Massdistraction - Unreleased, Live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-20 Intervju, Wasted Shells - Unreleased, Live and Unsigned (Swe)

2011-09-14 Brainstorm: Meet the Four Roses Band - Interview (Eng)

2011-09-10 Consfearacy Interview Spreading the ...Fear (Eng)

2011-09-08 The Android Meme - A New Lifeform in Metal (Eng)

2011-08-25 An interview with Bai Bang (Eng)

2011-08-24 An interview with Kreator (Eng)

2011-08-23 An Interview with Amaranthe (Eng)

2011-08-22 An interview with Byfrost (Eng)

2011-08-22 An Interview with Exodus (Eng)

2011-08-19 An Interview with Therion (Eng)

2011-08-19 An Interview with Outloud (Eng)

2011-08-15 Amorphis Interview at Tuska 2011 (Eng)

2011-07-10 Alestorm Riding the Storm (Eng)

2011-07-10 Intervju med Seventribe på Sonisphere Sverige (Swe)

2011-07-03 An interview with Kobra and the Lotus (Eng)

2011-06-18 Interview with Jørgen Munkeby of Shining (Norway) (Eng)

2011-06-16 Judas Priest Presskonferens @ Sweden Rock Festival 2011 (Swe)

2011-06-16 Intervju med Seventribe @ Sweden Rock Festival 8/6 2011 (Swe)

2011-06-16 Intervju med Helvetets Port @ MuskelRock, Tyrolen (Swe)

2011-06-15 Stormwarrior The Warrior Conquers All Interview (Eng)

2011-06-14 Hammerfall; om att producera själva, turnélivet och starstrucks. (Swe)

2011-06-07 An interview with Die So Fluid - 29-05-2011 (Eng)

2011-06-06 77 videointervju på MuskelRock 2011 (Swe)

2011-06-06 Inför Sweden Rock med Seventribe (Swe)

2011-06-01 An Interview with Saxon's Nigel Glockler (Eng)

2011-05-17 Lars Erik Mattsson: Aurora Borealis - The Interview (Eng)

2011-04-21 An interview with Ginger and Sami Yaffa (Michael Monroe band) - 17/04/2011 (Eng)

2011-04-21 Days of Anger Serious Days Interview (Swe)

2011-04-19 POWER QUEST: Back with a Vengeance (Eng)

2011-04-06 Demonical: Swedish Death Metal Darkness Supreme (Eng)

2011-03-28 Interview with JASKA from CHILDREN OF BODOM (Eng)

2011-03-28 An interview with Triaxis - 18/03/2011 (Eng)

2011-03-13 An interview with The Levellers, 12/03/2011 (Eng)

2011-02-12 Desultory: Stone Death Forever (Swe)

2011-02-04 Deathening: Finlir och råsopar (Swe)

2011-01-22 Putraeon The First of the Old School Order Intervju (Swe)

2011-01-20 Intervju med Lou Siffer and the howling demons (Swe)

2011-01-19 BURN The New Royalty of Rock (Swe)

2010-12-12 Vinnande Seventribe tar den rosa skjortan till en helt annan nivå (Swe)

2010-12-12 RELEASED – Live & Unsigned, final intervjuer (Swe)

2010-12-09 Exciter Death by Violence and Force Interview (Eng)

2010-12-09 Intervju med finalisterna i RELEASED - Live & Unsigned, 11/12 Stockholm (Swe)

2010-12-06 Intervju med Pär Sundström i SABATON (Swe)

2010-11-30 Intervju med Deftones (Swe)

2010-11-23 Blipp-blopp-blopp, metal the MACHINAE SUPREMACY way (Swe)

2010-11-21 Intervju med de tävlande banden i RELEASED - Live & Unsigned, 27/11 Göteborg (Swe)

2010-11-18 Intervju med Disturbed (Swe)

2010-11-08 MALEVOLENT CREATION: Killing Is My Business…and We´re Doing Better than Ever! (Eng)

2010-11-05 Intervju med de tävlande banden i RELEASED - Live & Unsigned, 6/11 Helsingborg (Swe)

2010-11-01 Grave Digger: Kilts Galore interview (Eng)

2010-10-23 Intervju med Ben Johnston från Biffy Clyro (Swe)

2010-10-18 Danko Jones - från indie till hockey till Elijah Wood (Swe)

2010-10-18 Robin George: Still On the Heartline (Eng)

2010-09-20 KEEL: Reserves the Right to Rock in 2010 (Eng)

2010-09-18 Monster Magnet - The Mastermind Is Back Intervju (Swe)

2010-09-15 Interview with V.SANTURA of DARK FORTRESS (Eng)

2010-08-13 Burden of Grief - Future and Influence of Grief (Eng)

2010-07-16 Interview Chrome Division@Norway Rock 2010 (Eng)

2010-07-15 Interview from Norway Rock 2010 (Eng)

2010-07-14 Intervju: Tio år med Deathstars (Swe)

2010-07-01 En ölindränkt spontanintervju med RAUBTIER, Metaltown, 19/6 (Swe)

2010-06-02 Master: the MASTER Speaks! (Swe)

2010-05-13 Sex frågor till Metallsvenskans spelare (Swe)

2010-03-18 Intervju med Lamb Of God's John Campbell (Swe)

2010-03-16 FUN LOVIN CRIMINALS interview (Eng)

2010-03-06 Intervju med Hypocrisy's Mikael Hedlund (Swe)

2010-02-22 Interview with Alan Tecchio of Autumn Hour (Swe)

2010-02-15 Interview with Billy Talent´s drummer Aaron Solowoniuk (Eng)

2009-10-29 Sanctification Interview (Eng)

2009-10-19 Intervju med AMON AMARTH - Johan Hegg 16/10 (Swe)

2009-10-17 Dreamland-intervju (Swe)

2009-09-04 THE FEW AGAINST MANY intervju (Swe)

2009-09-02 Bone Gnawer interview with Kam Lee (Swe)

2009-08-11 HEARSE Interview (Eng)

2009-08-10 Tygers of Pan Tang interview (Swe)

2009-07-07 Lars Eric Mattsson Interview (Swe)

2009-06-13 Praying Mantis Interview (Eng)

2009-03-27 Interview with Max Cavalera from Soulfly (Eng)

2008-07-22 Blind Melon interview (Eng)

2008-07-15 Timo Räisänen interview (Swe)

2008-06-05 Sabaton interview, tours and nude wrestling (Swe)

2008-06-05 Sister Sin interview (Swe)

2007-04-20 Thomas Glimfelt is interviewed by Kristianstad local radio (Swe)

2007-01-22 An article about Rasmus as a photographer in Sydsvenskan (Swe)