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When all the other festivals fight amongst each other to be the largest one, they tend to lose customers to the confusion and chaos which follows a large festival. Muskelrock (MuscleRock) instead aims for culture and the love for music and that pure, real feeling that festivals are.

Muskelrock has a unique and attractive area. Bands who attend are often well known back in time, and have made their mark in the history of rock.

Tyrolen which holds two dance floors offer that good old sixtie´s feeling with shooting gallery, wheel of fortune and other fun things.

The camp is in direct contact with the gate and here you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

Covered festivals:

    Muskelrock 2010

    Muskelrock 2011

    Muskelrock 2012

    Muskelrock 2013

    Muskelrock 2014

    Muskelrock 2015

    Muskelrock 2016

    Muskelrock 2017

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Festival News Festival News Written 2013-04-10 14:49:16
Latest news from the festival is that a church and priest will be available for those who feel like getting wed on such a splendid occasion as Muskelrock 2013.
See facebookpage for more info:
Festival News Festival News Written 2013-04-10 14:45:21
Heavy Load, Gotham City and Merciful Fate are the bands the fellow fans of Muskelrock currently have highest ranked (on facebook) as their favorite acts for the festival +upcoming events. Will they appear on stage this year? - The one who got a ticket for this years’ Muskelrock will see ;)
Festival News Festival News Written 2013-04-10 14:38:19
Even though this years' Muskelrock only offers a white -> (read: UNKNOWN timeline), they DO however have 22 bands confirmed, where 11 of them appears on stage FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in Sweden. Want to know which? Get your ticket for this years muscle fezt and get ready to rock!